Meet the Artist

I love making shoes because it allows people to take all of their favorite things with them at all times. My favorite part of the experience is watching them receive their pair and be overwhelmed with excitement. They’re fun, thoughtful, creative, and constantly remind people of the things in life that make them happy. Also I feel like a shoe elf so that’s pretty cool.” — Patricia Bongiorno

Patricia Bongiorno

Patricia Bongiorno is a Philadelphia based artist who fell in love with the idea of making wearable art. Since 2016, she has been creating customized Vans for happy clients all over the east coast. She incorporates her experience of urban living into each representation of pattern and design. Her work is dominated by a use of bright colors and bold expressions in order to convey the presence of a certain attitude or lifestyle associated with the piece. “I like to create art that appears to have captured a moment in time”.