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I purchased a custom pair of Van's for my sister's graduation present and they came out wonderfully! I presented Tricia 3 themes or ideas and she seamlessly incorporated them into the shoes and I could not have been happier. This is a MUST for a custom gift for anyone and any occasion. Would recommend for a gift or if you want to treat yourself!
Ian Amundson
Philadelphia Themed Cat Shoes
You know when you get a piece of art that you are so excited about and you can’t wait to show everyone you know? That’s these shoes. I was given these shoes for my birthday and it is no exaggeration to say they were one of the most thoughtful gifts I have received in 34 birthdays. They feature my two favorite cats in the world, are beautifully crafted and they are comfortable! I have worn them out and about and not only have they received compliments, they have held up and still look fab.
Jackie Wolfson
Unicorn Cat Shoes
March 2017 I met a beautiful young woman who, in the course of conversation, mentioned that she was an artist and liked to paint shoes. I thought this was the coolest thing ever! and it is! I immediately commissioned Tricia to custom paint a pair of Tom’s for my daughter’s birthday. Her inspiration was Rufus, my daughter’s bull dog, so she used photos to create a ‘story’ about Rufus, even painting one image wearing his raincoat, and a portrait of Chiara with him. Sooo cute. The shoes were amazing and so much fun. Now, for our next pair…
Wendy Graham
Rufus The Bulldog Shoes
I found Tricia's website on Etsy. Told her what I wanted and she far exceeded my expectations. She is a very talented young woman. I was so impressed that I sent her more shoes so she could work her magic. If you want great looking custom shoes then Patricia is the way to go!! Trust me you WILL NOT be disappointed!!!
Custom Incredible Hulk Shoes
Justin Lewis
Incredible Hulk and Bruce Lee Custom Jordans
All I can say is that I LOOOOOVE my shoes! Tricia is such a talented artist that does beautiful work. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted on my shoes, so I sent her about 7 images of things that I liked. And voilà! Tricia took those images and created the most wonderful art nouveau collage on my shoes. They were crafted so thoughtfully and with such vibrant colors! I have already gotten plenty of compliments on these true works of art that I get to wear around on my feet! They would also make an amazing, unique gift for others! I know I will be purchasing them for friends and family in the future 🙂
Robyn Herman
Moulin Rouge Shoes
An A+ overall experience. Patricia was able to help with the design and still allowed me to make creative decisions. The art was beautiful, and the concept was executed perfectly. I felt very proud to give these shoes as a gift to someone I care about.
Jason Nop
Seek and Find Cat Shoes
I purchased these sneakers as a present for my boyfriend‘s birthday. Not only did they arrive lightning fast, but they are so well executed. My boyfriend was thrilled! They feature two of my boyfriend’s favorite things: our cat Underdog and the Philadelphia Flyers! Best gift ever!!
Custom Flyers Shoes
Ulana Zahajkewycz
Philadelphia Flyer Cat Shoes

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